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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About products available on this website
Do you sell products?
Yes, all photos available on istvanmaar.photography are for sale. Please check 'PRODUCTS' for more details.
How can I order products?
You can select the photos from the galleries and a green 'Shopping Cart' icon will show the quick shop items.
Select the photo, if the desired product is available from the quick shop popup menu. If the product is not available please choose it from 'SHOP ALL PRODUCTS'
How can I buy a product which is not on the list?
Please send a message via 'Contact me' with the detailed information of the product you are looking for.

Site Navigation
How can I quickly find I am looking for?
How can I discover the galleries?
My portfolio has been built to show:
1. My city - the dynamic and multi-cultural Melbourne
2. The state I live - Australia’s coolest state, Victoria
3. The quite out of common continent of Australia (beyond border of Victoria)
4. My journey around the world
5. Astro photos
6. The photos I couldn't categorize based on locations are available in the treasure chest.

You can select location of galleries from a drop-down box in ''My Portfolio' menu
Can I search based on keywords?
The function is not available yet. Please check collections in the galleries.
e.g. 'Lighthouse' in 'Cape Schanck' gallery (Victoria)

Everything about registration on my website.
Do I need to register if I only want to view the photos?
Registration is not required.
Do I need to register if I want to buy photos?
Registration is not required for purchases, but it is recommended if you plan to visit my page more times.

What are the benefits of registration?
- You can like contents the photos
- You can add comments to the photos
- you can share photos / galleries on social media (Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest)

What are the benefits of subscription?
You can receive e-mail notifications first hand about:
- new galleries available
- new contents available
- special campaigns
- launching new products
How can I subscribe?
Please send a message by filling 'Contact Me' form and mention your subscription.

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